Sample MRI Pictures

To assure highly detailed and reliable images, Smart Choice MRI West Milwaukee is equipped with an GE Excite high-definition 1.5 Tesla scanner. The Excite system is a powerful and proven platform that offers the highest quality images for you and your doctor.  It’s the same scanner that was used at the 2008 Olympics for all participating athletes. You can be confident of the technology at Smart Choice; in fact, 13 of the top 14 U.S. hospitals utilize MRI scanners from GE.

Technical Highlights (West Milwaukee):

  • Generous 24 inch opening that accommodates most patients (up to 350 pounds) without the need for an open scanner
  • High field strength, 1.5 Tesla - the “gold standard” for MRIs
  • Dedicated coils and software for every exam we perform
  • Music/headphones available for most exams. Bring your favorite CD!
  • Closed scanner, offering better detail than open units
  • Green Scanner - the GE HDe scanner uses almost 40% less energy than other 1.5 Tesla scanners.


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