I may have Neurological Complications resulting from HIV/AIDS...

Why do I need an MRI? 

If your doctor has recommended a brain MRI to look for neurological complications that may be secondary to HIV, we appreciate how important it is to get an accurate diagnosis. Smart Choice MRI is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and value at this important time.

Unlike an x-ray, an MRI of the brain clearly demonstrates the soft tissues and structures of the brain, and can be ordered either with our without contrast media. Depending on the severity of symptoms that initiated the scan, contrast enhancement may or may not be ordered by your doctor. There are numerous potential conditions that could be found, most are best diagnosed with contrast media. Blood tests to determine your kidney and liver functions will likely be required prior to your exam.

Our radiologists at the Cleveland Clinic, recently rated one of top hospitals in the country, are committed to providing you and your doctor with the most accurate diagnosis available. In the case of a brain or cervical MRI that means that only a dedicated Neuroradiologist (a radiologist that has undergone specialized training in the field of neurology and has passed a board examination in Neuroradiology) will interpret your exam. Comparison to any prior advanced imaging studies will be required to fully evaluate your condition. Click here to learn more about our radiology team.

Why Choose Smart Choice MRI?

Smart Choice MRI opened its doors five years ago to provide patients in Southeastern Wisconsin with transparent and affordable imaging services. Many of us have seen our deductibles go up or have transitioned to high-deductible insurance plans. That’s why Smart Choice MRI charges just $600 for every MRI, including contrast exams. Click here to learn more about our transparent, low-cost pricing model.

Ready to Make an Appointment?

Ready to make an appointment or to learn more about Smart Choice MRI? To schedule an appointment, or to send us a general inquiry, click here. We also welcome your questions via email at or by phone at 414-431-0309. 


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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
1140 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC   20036
Tel: 202-296-9165 888-499-HOPE (-4673)
Fax: 202-296-9185

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research
120 Wall Street
13th Floor
New York, NY   10005-3908
Tel: 212-806-1600
Fax: 212-806-1601

National Association of People with AIDS
8401 Colesville Road
Suite 505
Silver Spring, MD   20910
Tel: 240-247-0880 or 866-846-9366
Fax: 240-247-0574

National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium
401 N. Washington Street
Suite 700
Rockville, MD   20850
Tel: 866-668-2272 301-251-1161 ext. 186
Fax: 301-576-4597

National Prevention Information Network
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DHHS
P.O. Box 6003
Rockville, MD   20849-6003
Tel: 301-562-1098 800-458-5231
Fax: 888-282-7681

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
National Institutes of Health, DHHS
6610 Rockledge Drive, MSC 6612
Bethesda, MD   20892-6612
Tel: 301-496-5717

AIDSInfo (AIDS Information Service)
P.O. Box 6303
Rockville, MD   20849-6303
Tel: 301-519-0459 800-HIV-0440 (448-0440) TTY: 888-480-3739
Fax: 301-519-6616



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