Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I May have Carpal Tunnel Sydrome...

How will a Wrist MRI Help?

Your physician may recommend an MRI examination of the wrist if her or she suspects you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. MRI clearly demonstrates the soft tissue and structures in the wrist and is useful in evaluating the extent of the physical condition that causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. MRI also works well to visualize the nerves in your wrist and to show their relation to any structures that might press on or squeeze them causing your condition. Your doctor will determine if an MRI is required as part of your diagnosis or work-up for surgery. The staff at Smart Choice MRI understands the importance of a high-value service and a timely and accurate diagnosis during the critical time.

Our radiologists at the Cleveland Clinic, recently rated one of top hospitals in the country, are committed to providing you and your doctor with the most accurate diagnosis available. In the case of a wrist MRI, that means only a dedicated Muskulo-skeletal specialist (a radiologist that has undergone specialized training in the field of Muskulo-skeletal radiologic anatomy and has completed a fellowship in that field with a focus on MRI) will interpret your exam. Comparison to any prior advanced imaging studies will be required to fully evaluate your condition. Click here to learn more about our radiology team.

Why Choose Smart Choice?

Smart Choice MRI opened its doors five years ago to provide patients in Southeastern Wisconsin with transparent and affordable imaging services. Many of us have seen our deductibles go up or have transitioned to high-deductible insurance plans. That’s why Smart Choice MRI charges just $600 for every MRI, including contrast exams. Click here to learn more about our transparent, low-cost pricing model.

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Your doctor will determine if an MRI is required as part of your diagnosis or work-up for surgery.

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