Before your exam

While very few exams require exam preparation, a few things can assure your safety and comfort in the MRI environment.

  • Dress comfortable without metal zippers or buttons.
  • Wear sport bras without under-wires. 
  • When possible, leave jewelry and other valuables at home. 
  • Remove any patch medications or any external mechanical devices, or let us know if you’ve been medically instructed not to. 
  • Before your appointment go to the Special Concerns section to make sure you do not have anything that excludes you from having an MRI.

Come to your appointment at Smart Choice MRI with your insurance card, name and address of your plan or insurer(s), name and address of your claims payer (if different from insurer), your ID and group numbers, and the name of the policyholder or subscriber. If applicable, for workers’ compensation, automobile, or personal injury cases, we require the name and address of your attorney as well.  If you would like to fill out Registration and Safety Forms before you come in to your exam, you can print them out here and bring them into your exam.

Upon arrival for an appointment, patients can expect to be greeted by a friendly and experienced Smart Choice medical professional who will explain your exam to you, making sure you are feeling relaxed and positive about your MRI.

Questions regarding insurance before your exam?
Smart Choice MRI is an approved provider for most major insurance carriers and health plans. We will submit your claim, and any secondary claims, to any insurance company under the benefit coverage you specify, including workers’ compensation, auto insurance, and personal injury. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for payment of the account, including any balance not covered by insurance. We will send you a balance statement for any amount you owe after insurance. Please contact your insurance company if they have not paid for your procedure after 30 days.

For any further billing questions, please contact our billing specialist at 414-431-0309.

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