During your exam

Our technologists will explain in detail how long your exam will take, and will help you prepare for a comfortable experience. Our professional staff will do our best in comforting you through every step of the exam constantly checking in with how you are feeling and how the exam is going.

MRI machines utilize a close sequence or series of cross-section images that require patients to keep very still, and the scanner makes a loud “resonating” sound, so you will be provided with earplugs or a music headset during the exam.  MRI machines and different scan cycles produce distinct sounds and unless you are aware of the sounds, may alarm you.  Because we try to make your experience as comfortable as possible, please take a listen to our sound clips and Take a Tour of our Clinic.

If your doctor ordered your MRI with a Contrast Injection, your technologist will let you know about the procedure. For more information about a this injection, please visit our Contrast Injection page.


If you are interested in learning about what happens once your exam is completed and how long your results will take to be sent to your doctor, please visit our After Your Exam page.

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