Contrast Injection

If you are having a contrast procedure, our staff will notify you.

Contrast media is used to increase visualization of structures within the body, particularly structures that are vascular or vascular in nature such as tumors. The inside or "lumen" of vessels is not always well demonstrated on MRI and contrast allows this to be easily seen. In the case of vascular structures such as a tumor, the presence of vascularity is indicative of a malignant vs. a benign tumor.

MRI Contrast is a gadolinium-based liquid that can readily be seen using MRI technology. It is injected into the blood stream through an IV. It remains in the blood stream at a high concentration for about one hour and is completely eliminated by a typical patient in a few hours.

For patients over the age of 59 and any patient with known liver or kidney disorders or certain cancers such as myeloma, Smart Choice MRI requires a DYNA laboratory test to ensure safety. The test is quick and easy and can usually be done the same day as the MRI exam. However, since we do not perform the required DYNA laboratory test at Smart Choice, scheduling timelines may be affected. When you schedule your appointment at Smart Choice, the staff will let you know if you need a laboratory test before your exam.

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